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Stan Carey


In 2010 Stanley Carey was selected by the Board of Commissioners as one of the top candidates from the Nassau County Civil Service eligibility list. Mr. Carey brings over 26 years of experience to the District which includes 13 years as Senior Water Treatment Operator at Riverhead Water District and 12 years as Superintendent of Distribution at Suffolk County Water Authority. Mr. Carey has been actively involved with the Long Island Water Conference and the NY Section of the American Water Works Association for many years. He has an Applied Science degree in Public Water Supply and maintains certifications as a Grade 1B Operator, Distribution Operator, and a certified back-flow tester issued by the NY State Department of Health. Over his career one of Mr. Carey's fundamental approaches to management is the constant training and team approach to personnel under his direction. In today's water industry the need to keep personnel up to date with the requirements of OSHA, the EPA, the DOH and DEC is truly a constant task and the Massapequa Water District welcomes Mr. Carey's experience and professionalism in dealing with its personnel.

Mr. Carey is a very dedicated water professional who truly enjoys working in the water industry. He has a strong commitment to maintaining the level of quality water being delivered to consumers and is committed to upholding the goals and objectives of the Massapequa Water District. Mr. Carey continues to work on updating the Water Districts 5 year plan and defending the District's position with the ongoing Grumman / Navy groundwater plume issue. Mr. Carey expressed his concerns about keeping the Massapequa Water District distribution system and infrastructure maintenance and operations funding at a constant level to avoid costly failures while minimizing bonding for these routine requirements.

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