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As is the continuing policy of the Massapequa Water Commissioners in keeping the District informed and updated, the following is for your reading.


Preparing for Winter

Last winter was particularly harsh and a number of residents experienced frozen pipes and other related problems. The MWD encourages all residents to take a few precautions to protect from these difficulties:

  • Wrap water pipes that are exposed to outside walls with insulation and/or electric coils made
    for that purpose.
  • Outside water faucets should be shut off from inside your home, drained and left open.
  • Where faucets are prone to freezing, turn the water on to a trickle. This movement will help
    prevent freezing.
  • Drain all underground irrigation systems.
  • If you are leaving for an extended winter vacation, have a friend or neighbor check on your residence.
  • Finally, be certain all members of the household know the location of water shutoffs. This can save valuable time in case of an emergency.

Attention: Kidney Dialysis Users

All persons using a Kidney Dialysis Machine at their residence or who require potable water for other medical treatment are encouraged to contact the Massapequa Water District offices at 516-798-5266 with a telephone number where they can be reached in case of a water supply emergency.

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